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Baby it's HOT Outside

It's HOT out there! Wait, it was nearly HOT inside my house last night when the stinkin' air conditioner froze up...cross your fingers, she's working again. The dryer's not working, but I maximized efforts and read journal articles at the laundromat yesterday. 9 loads, 3 articles, and lunch in 2.5 hours w/o my iPod)...not too shabby. It was 83 at 8:30 this's up to 93 now at's predicted to be ~105 again today. That's nearly too hot to drink a beer, too hot to sit in a pool, too hot to sit in the pool with a beer! Is it possible to sweat in the cement pond?

I had a mini epiphany...I should have went to law school.

Readin articles, wonderin where the iPod is, maybe analyzin some data, and tryin to stay cool!


Sorry for 2 posts in one day, but this made me giggle. I just took a Facebook quiz "Which Decade Fits Your Personality?" Apparently the 1920's fit me best, and here is my description

You are classy, not afraid to go against the norm, and love to celebrate the joys of life. You love to be in the "right now" of society's latest "new thing" and because of that you exert the latest fashions and put a high priority on having a great time. After all, you deserve it after all the struggles you have gone through in life thus far. You have a little rebel in you, although you don't overtly show it because you keep yourself and your standards classy, sophisticated, and elegant. And chances are, you have a thing for jazz music. You are a perfect combination of lady-like and party animal.

That last sentence is my favorite part!

A Living Nightmare?

I may have nightmares...
My children may not have the privilege of growing up as I did...
My family's livelihood is at stake.

What has happened to this world we live in?! Do people not like to eat anymore? Has the population lost grasp of where their food and clothing comes from?

I just read that the Humane Society of the United States has received license as a higher education granting degree institution! Link

On the same blog (Advocates for Agriculture) that I read nearly everyday, I found a post titled "US Agriculture Can Feed the World". I would like to think that we, American Agriculturists, can feed the world; however, this is becoming a greater challenge each day. I am getting the sense that food production for our own country and other countries is not a priority. Correct me if I am wrong, food is necessary to sustain human life, is it not?

Also this past week, Food, Inc. came out in theaters attacking our food industry. A counter attack has been formed by some t…

Monday, Monday

I had a great weekend. Spent Friday at the Texas State Jr. Hereford Show. Caught up with some old friends, made a few new ones, and got to hang out with the cows (my favorite was cheaper than seeing a shrink).

It was Fun In The Sun on Saturday at the Texas Reds Festival--a celebration of steak and wine! Tried most of the wine and missed the steak. I'm okay with that...I really enjoy the steak that I am capable of at home--Nebraska Beef and Cavender's Greek Seasoning--mmmmm delicious! It was VERY, VERY hot that afternoon, but Brandi and I persevered.
Los Pinos Ranch VineyardsLandon WineryInwood Estates VineyardI've had in my possession a Wine for Dummies book. I've made it through a chapter or two, and I've set it aside for one reason or another. I think I need to get it back out. I went through the tasting on Saturday with this attitude "Fern, do you like it?" I answered "yes" to some, "mmm, okay" to many, and "ta…

Hodge Podge

A hodge podge of thoughts on a Wednesday:
1) My dad is the greatest...but of course I'm supposed to say this. I inherited many things that make me stunningly similar to this little round man, well little and round...there's two things for my list and the way I walk and talk and my hands and legs and feet...he has a kind heart, and I like to think that mine is from time to time, an appreciation for all things outside and good cows and stout horses, fine scotch and starched jeans...HOWEVER, I DID NOT INHERIT HIS PATIENCE, HIS EVER PRESENT FAITH THAT GOOD WILL ALWAYS COME, AND HIS CALM...nope, it's no where that I can find in myself. I do always feel better after I have a mental overflow and call him. How he hasn't choked me before now is a wonder

Let's just say that there was a meltdown of momentous proportion this morning, but after a phone call with Tubby, the course (although still unknown) is a little smoother

2) Emotional eating is something that I have develope…

I'm Back's been awhile. Not too much has happened since my last post, except LEVI & LAUREN GOT MARRIED. And, it was beautiful! Brandi and I started our wedding weekend Saturday morning. We packed my car and were careful not to forget what Brandi called "the kit". "The kit" consisted of 2 varieties of vodka, bloody mary mix, gin, tonic, lime, 3 varieties of beer, and a bottle of wine. "The kit" came in more than handy!
We were put right to work upon arrival. We helped to haul the last load of stuff to the reception hall, and little did we know what lay ahead. We set the tables with the linens that Lauren's Dad and Levi had spent the two previous days pressing. We got to help decide the best location for the band and the keg. We got to help in the kitchen. Lauren's mom had taken on the responsibility of the reception meal herself. Family friends were cooking the meat and potatoes according to her recipes. The rest of us were franti…

I don't thing I'm dealing w/ Mickey Mouse

Last week a pest control man so kindly brought me mouse bait... I get to the office this morning to find that those little bastards have only eaten the bait by my desk! 6 little bait squares and they eat nearly 1/3 to 1/2 of the one by my desk. The pest man told me that one bite and the little feller would be done for. I am hoping and praying that he/she/they have went and found a more romantic place to meet their maker than in one of my desk drawers. I still don't get the full appeal of my desk. When we discovered the mouse issue earlier this Spring, I was the only one with a desk full of mouse poo. All that I had in my cubical, in my desk, were some cough drops and some Midol. Everyone else has cubbys full of snacks! I guess it's like what they say about dogs and how they find the person that tends to like them least to pester first. Damn them little creatures! I have NEVER liked them. Not in my feed room, not in my barn, not in the ranch truck, not at all...and certa…