Monday, April 27, 2009

The Beginning....

The idea to create a blog began on my trip home for Easter. By the time I reached the airport in Denver, I had a list of things written down that I wanted to include in this first blog. Since then, I haven't had time to get started...I'm making time now. Okay, really, I'm just procrastinating, but we'll get to blogging....

The Classy Traveler

The trip began with me driving to the airport and parking. I have never done this all by myself, therefore, this was a mini-milestone for me. I parked, I gathered my stuff, I had all of my bags attached to one another and was wheeling away towards the shuttle bus stop. Now, I should mention that I was dressed relatively cute, and this is worth mentioning because my typical travel attire usually involves windpants, etc. Once I'm at the bus stop, the bus arrives, Mr. Bus Driver gets off to carry my bag on and allows me up the stairs in front of him...I fall up the stairs...I eat $%#@...face plant...oh yeah...I'm just thankful that it was the stairs and not the isle of the bus. I tried to regain some composure, but the 115% humidity was preventing me from doing so.
I was flying Southwest, therefore, seating was a free-for-all. I didn't know that one can check in online up to 24 hours prior to flight time and not wind up in Boarding Group C...which is where I always seemed to be. Since I was 1) in boarding group C and 2) traveling alone, I had to take any empty seat. I had a choice, between some lady and some guy OR beside a young couple with not one but two babies...I took my chances with the lady and the guy. Should've went with the babies.... They did allow the me the isle seat and didn't make me sit between them, but oh my goodness...they had three children from 10 to approx 16 sitting in front of us that bickered as siblings do...the mother did her best to control them from our row while the dad had headphones on and ignored his wife and kids (frankly, I didn't blame him as they were seeping though my iPod tunes). They then had a picnic on the plane...a picnic of smelly sandwiches! I look to the isle in an attempt to avoid the smelly Subway and find the lady across the isle with her shoes off...EWWWW! I know that it doesn't say anywhere..."don't bring smelly goodies on the plane and don't take your shoes off" but really.... although, it should say in flight attendant manuals everywhere "wear deodorant as not to offend the passengers"! As all of this is happening, I am listening to my iPod and reading a book attempting to maintain, when what comes next on the shuffle setting on the iPod--Rodney Carrington. Granted, I am the only one that can hear him, but I am pretty sure that I blushed and changed the song just so no one else would know that here I sit listening to "Titties and Beer" or other such RC nonsense. The plane lands and all is well until some grouchy old bastard behind me is yelling, "DON'T STOP JUST KEEP GOING!!!" Like I was going to plow over the people in front of me to let his geriatric self off of the plane, excuse me--but NO. I made it to baggage claim and later home where no one was surprised by the tales I had to tell.