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1) I really should have lived in the mid-70's
2) I'm a sucker for a big yellow horse
3) I may never move freely again
4) I strongly dislike living in a maze of boxes
I'm hot. I'm tired. I'm ugly. I have 1/2 a living room left to vacuum and I'm done @ Westcreek Lane....and my darn vacuum just started smoking and died...
You know that last pass through a house as you move out?? That one that has you throwing whatever in the same box just to get the hell out of there?? I have that contains a set of knives, 2 dowel rods dog toys, febreeze, kneehighs, a slip (who wears those anymore (besides apparently me) anyways?), coat hangers....
Lord help me!!!! Please God bring me a husband so I never have to do this all alone again. After today, NO MORE HEAVY LIFTING.
Just read the funniest thing....
"Vegans complaining about hotdogs is like Amish complaining about gas prices."
I just saw myself @ 90...
BIG teased hair. Sequined jacket. Full make up. Pink pants. Red shoes and bag.
As much as I love lime green...lime green pants should be worn by no one!There is a child crawling on an airport floor...I think that it would be safer for the lil critter to crawl in a horse stall!

I'm not lost, but I should have been a rodeo queen

Yes, I should have been a rodeo queen.

Not a whole lot has happened to me since my last post. There have been a few Fern-ism's here and there, but nothing too remarkable off hand.

I've been keeping busy with stuff. Packing and readying myself for a move...well, it sucks. I have a moving crew. I have put a deposit down on said moving crew...1 bottle of Seagram's 7 and a 12-pack of Squirt.

Things I have learned since my last post:
I am not a fishermanNewt has become addicted to riding in a carCurrent phase: drinking water out of a glassLonesome Dove is a Classic (oh wait, I already knew that)I am very Type-A...too Type-A for making Power Point PresentationsChildren should not have fondant covered cakes for their first birthdays--the cake may be lovely, but its too hard to dive inZiploc Microwave Steam Bags are the new savior to corn on the cobThe new Lean Cuisine Breakfast Panini's are not good, they suckThat it is wonderful when an old friend comes back to you...the frien…