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How has it really been THAT long...

I had no idea that it has been MONTHS since I posted last.  There are so many days when a blog idea strikes and the business of life takes over, thus the blog never happens. Maybe I'll add that to my 2016 plan.  Whatever 2015 was--I am determined to make 2016 a bit brighter, a bit lighter and a bit more mine.  I'm a living attempt to rework a lifestyle--to eat better, to plan healthier and to insert some exercise.  I hope to make more time for myself  to spend a bit more time doing what I enjoy whether it be taking pictures or cooking or writing.  I continue to dream of a horizon where I can watch a sunset, but until then, I'll keep on keeping on in the Midwest with an excess of trees, a lack of fine Mexican food and a shortage of good music and drink.
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Just a Few of Fern's Favorites

It's Sum..Sum...Summertime and Fern's calendar is no more (or less) out of control than it usually is.  With a full calendar this week, not to mention, she can't find the notebook with little notes of blog inspiration, she'll share with you a few of her favorite summer recipes as the #1 grilling day of the year approaches.

Since the #1 Grilling Day of the Year has been mentioned, let's just clear this up right now--get BEEF on that grill, please.  There are 29 lean cuts of beef that won't break a diet, and there are many on that list that won't bust a budget either!  That's the unique thing about the responsibly raised beef in this country, there are options for everyone: conventionally raised and fed beef, grass fed beef, natural and even organically raised beef.  Please find something that fits your kitchen and your lifestyle and fire up that grill!!

I mentioned favorite summer recipes, I should mention that I make some of these ALL year long.  DISCLA…

I think that She's back!

It's been a long time friends.  Fern has opened a new chapter, closed an overdue chapter, and gone on many, many adventures--she was even afraid that she'd lost her Fern-ness along the way.  Rest assured that she is not lost, rather she must have been hiding.

New chapter--Assistant Professor at a Mid-Western University teaching Animal Science. There, she enriches (or ruins, it's in the eye of the beholder) young lives, teaches the next generation, promotes agriculture and beef, plays with cows, and seldom rests.

Overdue chapter--SHE FINISHED HER DISSERTATION LAST SUMMER. SHE DEFENDED IT, AND SHE PASSED.  SHE GRADUATED WITH A PhD IN THE WINTER.  Whew, so glad that is over.  She's thankful that she did it, and she's grateful for everyone's support.  She realizes everyday, even in the smallest of things, the people that the graduate school experience brought her, the lessons that it taught her, and the experiences that it delivered to her are immeasurable.  Was th…

To Farmers and Ranchers Everywhere: THANK YOU

I have a confession...
I didn't tune into the super bowl.  Now, had Denver actually gotten their &*^$ together and made it...I may be sitting in my living room right now in a navy sweatshirt with orange paint on my face.  I'd probably still be by myself, but I'd have more of an interest in the game.  I happened to be on the phone with mom when the Budweiser commercial came on and switched the channel in time.  I took a break from lesson planning/developing to check Facebook and it was blowing up.  My newsfeed was overflowing with posts about the Dodge commercial.  I checked it out...
I got the chills. I cried. I called home to thank my Dad. I said a prayer and thanked my Granddad's and the generations who have gone before. Those men and women who worked tirelessly to feed their families and their country and leave a legacy. So thankful to be part of something bigger than myself...AGRICULTURE. 
Thank A Farmer

30 Days

In my most recent post I mentioned that I was attempting 30 days of no shopping outside of food and necessities.  There's something about lunch, deodorant, and TP...

During this same 30 days, I'm taking a chance...I'm finding 30 outfits in my closet.  My goal is to keep it mixed up and not wear the same pieces/combination of pieces for a month.  So far, so good.  Obviously, I'm combining jeans multiple times over the course of this "project"...and accessories are always a way to freshen up a look.  However, no pant/top/footwear combo may be replicated during this 30 days.

I've been at it since Monday of this week and it's been Fern-tastic.

HAPPY 2013


I've been away for awhile.  I've taken on a new chapter in life, and I'm loving it.  I've turned a different direction professionally, taken on home ownership, and moved across the country (although a touch closer to home).  Most everyone that follows this is likely aware of all of this.  I've found a job that challenges me everyday, that allows me to put more of myself into it than my previous post, and that I wake up raring to face each day.  Some days my "fern-ness" is a lot for the Mid-West to handle, but we are both learning.  

I've thought a lot about 2013 and what I want from it...

I could sit here and tell you that I want life and love and happiness and wealth, but who doesn't. That's a wagon load of B.S.  Be original. Be attainable or at least set resolutions that are semi-attainable.

Focus on a healthier lifestyleBe positiveFinish what I started in the previous decadeBudget betterTry new ingredients/foo…