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To Farmers and Ranchers Everywhere: THANK YOU

I have a confession...
I didn't tune into the super bowl.  Now, had Denver actually gotten their &*^$ together and made it...I may be sitting in my living room right now in a navy sweatshirt with orange paint on my face.  I'd probably still be by myself, but I'd have more of an interest in the game.  I happened to be on the phone with mom when the Budweiser commercial came on and switched the channel in time.  I took a break from lesson planning/developing to check Facebook and it was blowing up.  My newsfeed was overflowing with posts about the Dodge commercial.  I checked it out...
I got the chills. I cried. I called home to thank my Dad. I said a prayer and thanked my Granddad's and the generations who have gone before. Those men and women who worked tirelessly to feed their families and their country and leave a legacy. So thankful to be part of something bigger than myself...AGRICULTURE. 
Thank A Farmer