Wednesday, September 14, 2011

'80s Ladies

I apologize for my absence, but we'll cover that later.

On a recent road trip (day trip), for work, I made a little list in my head, let's see if I can recall the jist of it all. I worked up a list of things that we should all have in our memory books, and on my list, thanks to my iPod, I have the '80s ladies. No, not the great friends from the dorm and I that re-worked the K.T. Oslin's hit from the '80s. That is definitely another story for another time.

As I was cruising across the Lone Star State in my Gold Lincoln Town Car on Friday of last week, I spent a lot of time being thankful that it was a solo mission---I did a lot of singing and dancing in that car that day. Some of the favorite stops made by my iPod were on the Ladies of the 80s. Let me just share with you right now that my musical stylings were utterly amazing and a force to be reckoned with, not to mention the moves that accompanied them.

Tell me, who doesn't know their way through "My Arms Stay Open All Night" and "Just Another Love"...

Likewise, raise your hand if you are unfamiliar with "18 Wheels and A Dozen Roses".

Notice, I tried hard to find images that represent the era...yes I did.

Although I don't remember any "Chains" or "Timber I'm Falling in Love" from my little escape, it doesn't mean that it didn't happen.

I may have put "Heart Over Mind" on the journey, although I don't recall.

And there were others. Look up Lacy J. Dalton. She and I shared "Black Coffee" on "16th Avenue". Do it.

I do recall some timeless classics.

I was at work from "9 to 5" (and maybe an hour or two either side of that) and maybe I did a little "Hard Candy Christmas" shopping...I was definitely no where near "Islands in the Stream", no water for miles around.

Questions such as "What am I Going to Do About You?" may have crossed my mind.  I didn't exactly declare that "I'm a New Fool at an Old Game", although "You're the First Time I've Thought About Leaving" and "You Lift Me Up".

Maybe, just maybe I should have stuck with the original plan of sharing things like

  • Catching fireflies in beer bottles
  • Wading in the mud
  • Eating sugar cereal at Grandma's house
  • Not learning how to ride a bike until the first grade due to the lack of sidewalks until then...sand and training wheels do not mesh well, FYI