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King Ranch Chicken and Buttermilk Pie

I know that my goals over there read, blog at least 2x per week...still can't cross that one off of my list. Nor, can I cross off don't eat out for a week--eating is such a social activity. Maybe if I wasn't so social AND like eating so much, the number inside my jeans would be much smaller...that and beer is also a social activity...and I like beer and I am social...ANYWAY...

My dear friend Brandi asked for pie baking lessons. We arranged an evening to make said pie. Flavor: Buttermilk. She did very well. We made crust from scratch, and she rolled it out herself. Although, she did get to use the Cuisinart to do the crust. I really wanted to make her use a fork or a pastry blender thingy. She wasn't so much a fan of scooping the lard, but ooooo lard makes such lovely crust. Prior to pie baking she asked for a list of ingredients. I said lard...blah, blah... and she said, Crisco? And, I said no...LARD. Lard makes such amazing crust, but that's another day.…


Pisces February 19 - March 20 Although it looks as if the next few months should be shaping up to be a great time for you business-wise, dear Pisces, today it might appear hopeless. Mundane, routine, unrewarding tasks may take up a lot of your time on the job today. Nevertheless, don't see this as being engraved in stone; don't let the frustration interfere with your outlook for the future. You are due for advancement in some way!

Let's hope that there's some truth to that!!

Inspiration on a Wednesday:
I don't know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future!

Monday, Monday!

I hope that the day is Great! I hope that I feel this spunky all day! My day didn't start just as I wanted. I had aspirations of waking up and working out. Ummm, no. I slept a little too late for that, but rather than rush I made and ate a good-for-me breakfast and started the iPod and it was tossing out good tunes right and left. A little Fergalicious will get any one's Monday going! Add to that texts messages from two of my absolute favorite people and a pot of good coffee, and it all kind of takes away form my frizzy hair on a humid as hell day and my self image dissatisfaction (note to self: working out this evening!)
Just bought a new CD on iTunes, I really need to quit that. I need to purchase the actual CD, but what to do with all of the plastic cases and liner notes??.... anyway...Ryan Bingham, you make me VERY happy! Ryan, I will be even happier when you play in town on October 30!! Although you are playing at my very least favorite concert venue, I'll handl…
Just read that it is World Vegetarian Day today, and that October is Vegetarian Month...its 7:45AM, I think I'll have steak!!!

Weekend Recommendations (and Pre-Weekend Ramblings)

It's Friday!! Okay, so that really doesn't count when all I have looming ahead of me is DISSERTATION! However, I do I have some weekend recommendations brought about by recent experiences. **please note, any day of the week is fine**

1) Boxed Wine. A recent find is 'The Black Box' boxed wine. One box of wine is equal to 4 bottles of wine. At my local H.E.B. it worked out to $5 and some change/bottle! Score! I tried the Cabernet Sauvignon. Not too shabby. The box claims that wine will stay fresh for up to a month. I say, "Who keeps open wine around that long??!!"

2) Eggs. Eggs were my staple one week recently. I think I ate eggs at least 4x one week. Not just any ol' eggs--I made scrambled eggs with tomato, onion, feta, and basil...scrambled eggs with tomato, bacon, mushrooms, onion and blue cheese...scrambled eggs with pico de galo and cheddar and avocado. The eggs with tomato, basil, onion, and feta were by far my favorite. Don't go thin…

Sorry to have stayed away so long....

Sorry to have stayed away so long! Life's been a crazy roller coaster as of late, and I told myself that we would only blog on "good" days and some days I let myself feel guilty that I was going to blog when I had other things to do. Well, I still have other things to do, but I have a lot of things to fact, my list has outgrown a Post-It...time to get it on "Only Fern"!

For starters, the below horoscope is one that is for my sign, but I stole it from a friend's Facebook page. It's very applicable to my place in this life lately, and it made me go "hmmmm....".

Pisces (Feb. 19–March 20)

Sometimes I wish personality traits were something you could buy over the counter. If I were placing an order for you, I'd get an ounce of patience, a spoonful of confidence, and a maximum dose of perseverance. Those would yield success, whereas right now you're getting frustrated early, putting yourself down too much, and giving up long before…