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Jelly of the Month Club, Part Deux

Cows are fed. Water's not froze, but I thought I might be for a short second...then I got back in the truck. For a Southern dog, Newt sure likes the current sub-Artic conditions of home. He also likes to think he's a cow dog, NOT QUITE. He did try hard though. I should be a proud dog mother...proud that he actually knows what a cow is since he is a Blue Heeler that has lived the majority of his life in a back yard in a college town. Okay, all of his life except for Christmas vacations and a few summer trips home.

Christmas. It's Christmas Eve, and I cannnot seem to catch the Christmas Spirit. Guess it's a little late. I do have a piece of advice for everyone that I know and everyone that I don't...DO NOT MOVE, DO NOT PLAN A MOVE, DO NOT RELOCATE ANYWHERE NEAR THE END OF YEAR! It's a crappy experience. The stresses of maintaining life's routines and packing and preparing for a move just kind of squash a girl's Christmas Spirit. I did do some sh…

It's the Jelly of the Month Club...The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas...Happy Hanukkah...Happy Kwanzaa...Joy to the World....

Happy Holidays one and all! I didn't realize that it has been soooo long since I last posted. I have a lot to share with you.
1) I have moved. I pulled up stakes and moved. It took a 26 foot Penske truck; 6 very, very dear and wonderful friends; 2 loving parents; 1 case of Coors Light; and one evening at the Dixie Chicken; but I am relocated!
2) I survived my bootcamp workout! In fact, I shrunk my entire self by 6+ inches!
3) Newt the wonder dog and I made it home. In fact, we rode home from Texas in the back seat of my mother's suburban. Brought back memories of show driving, mom shot gun, and me curled up in the backseat with a book. However, I didn't have the privilege of text messaging in those days, hell, we didn't even have cell phones!...and my spine was much more open to riding like that for hours upon hours.

**Please stand by. I come to you this morning from Dad'…

Who is Famous?! We Are!!!

Who is on The Pioneer Woman's blog today?! Brandi, Robynne, and I are! Last week I posted about the three of us road tripping to Austin to the book signing. This morning I wake up to find us on the blog, and we look fabulous!! I promised to write more about our adventure...Here. We. Go.

I would like to mention that I took notes. I find myself doing that quite often, so that I may better tell the world what I have just witnessed.

We arrived @ Book People 3 hours before the signing, and as luck would have it Ree was going to be early and sign books at 6, speak at 7, and sign more books after the talk. We acquired wristbands for the 6 o'clock "showing", bought our books, and perused the book store. I just love book stores--books, people watching, books, nifty little coffee places in the corners, books...I looked over the cookbook, I became very hungry, I added to my ultimate wish list, I was overcome with awe, and I drank the strangest iced tea ever (that's a sto…

PW Book Signing

Sorry I have been away so long! We'll cover more on this later, as I need to squeeze in a quick blog and get on the road for a quick trip and much needed "therapy" (a steer show and all that goes with it)....I'll be back in town tomorrow afternoon...LOTS TO DO, LOTS TO DO.

Last night, some very dear friends (Brandi and Robynne) and I made the trip to Austin for the Pioneer Woman's book signing. It was SO MUCH FUN! I had never been to a book signing before, and I loved it. We were lucky enough to get in the "before the talk" signing group, so we were lucky enough to escape the madness right after the talk, catch a tasty dinner, and get on the road for home at not too late of an hour. The cookbook is beautiful, Ree is very kind, and her family is charming. I want to be a part of them. The youngest boy...I just love him. I wanted to put him in my purse, but the girls said he wouldn't fit. We also got lucky and Marlboro Man signed our cookbooks too…