Monday, June 9, 2014

I think that She's back!

It's been a long time friends.  Fern has opened a new chapter, closed an overdue chapter, and gone on many, many adventures--she was even afraid that she'd lost her Fern-ness along the way.  Rest assured that she is not lost, rather she must have been hiding.

New chapter--Assistant Professor at a Mid-Western University teaching Animal Science. There, she enriches (or ruins, it's in the eye of the beholder) young lives, teaches the next generation, promotes agriculture and beef, plays with cows, and seldom rests.

Overdue chapter--SHE FINISHED HER DISSERTATION LAST SUMMER. SHE DEFENDED IT, AND SHE PASSED.  SHE GRADUATED WITH A PhD IN THE WINTER.  Whew, so glad that is over.  She's thankful that she did it, and she's grateful for everyone's support.  She realizes everyday, even in the smallest of things, the people that the graduate school experience brought her, the lessons that it taught her, and the experiences that it delivered to her are immeasurable.  Was the closing of this chapter too long coming, yes; however, everything must happen for a reason and she learned plenty of lessons along the way.

Many, many adventures--there are so many, so please bear with her as she shares them with you in no particular order.

Somewhere throughout all of this, she became afraid; afraid that she had lost her fern-ness.  Recently, she has became very much aware that Fern was not lost, rather she must have been hiding.  Perhaps it was finding her way in the new chapter and finally putting away the overdue chapter that left her wondering.  Maybe it was moving across the mighty Mississippi River that had her concerned.  It may have been the lack of Texas wines in her cabinet and Red Dirt Music on the radio, or maybe the absence of quality Mexican food. It may boil down to the fact that her new chapter left her with too little time in the kitchen.  Whatever the case or combination of factors, maybe it's not even on this list, she has recently found a renewed spirit!

Fern is still passionate about agriculture and beef! She still loves wine and food and fashion.  Do not worry friends, Fern has not lost her random either!


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