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Just a Sample of What is Rolling Around in Fern's Head

  • I really should've been a trophy wife
  • I was serape before serape was cool (circa 2007...BAM!)
  • What is a "typical girl", and how is she different from a "typical Southern girl"?  Do tell.
  • I am a drenching diva---

Stay Tuned...I promise to elaborate


  1. I really should have been a rodeo queen.....

    Love the new post!


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I had a great blogging streak going there for a while, and then, I fell of the wagon.  Well, this girl is picking herself up off of the blogging trail and getting back on that wagon.  I have several ideas up my sleeve to share, I just hope I can keep up!  I found this "30 Day Blog Challenge" at (A site I stumbled upon through Her site is titled "Live An Amazing Life".  She's wrote a book with the same title.  I've bought it.  I started reading it and cannot find where I laid it down...that doesn't mean it isn't good, it is. I enjoy reading it.  I think that it's helped jump start me back to my old self.  Trust me, I have strayed away from her, and I've missed her.  Don't worry, she's on a come back!!

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